Thursday, January 19, 2012


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

West Edmonton Mall's Anna Alfonso

I always love to explore the business aspect of fashion and retailing. I think it covers an aspect of the industry that is just as critical to the success of a brand as the artistic perspective that we are all so accustomed to hearing about. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Anna Alfonso, head of marketing for North America's largest indoor mall (West Edmonton Mall), for the University of Alberta School of Business' monthly publication, Lazy Faire. Enjoy!

TOMKOW + CHUNG F/W 2011 (Behind-the-Scenes)

Back in September, one of my good friends, Brittanee, and I held our own show at Western Canada Fashion Week in a partnership with Goodwill Industries. Our task, as stylists, was to create a collection sourced entirely from Goodwill locations to showcase vintage fashion. Not only were we able to gain invaluable experience (ex. always have a plan B/C/D/E/F/G/etc.), but it was a great way for the company to rebrand and open itself to a new audience! You can take a look at images from our lookbook and runway show here. Anyway, throughout the process, we took some images of some candid moments behind the scenes. From hair and makeup to a segment on the Global Morning Show, I thought you might enjoy browsing through the pictures. However, be warned, some were taken on my extremely capable camera phone (note: sarcasm) and are notably blurry. Enjoy!

I'm Baaaack!

From end-of-semester finals to holiday shopping (aka pure MADNESS), I've been on a brief writing hiatus due to my busy schedule. To say the least, it's been quite the eventful past month! December finals were my very last set of exams of my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta School of Business (YUSSS!!), which was a landmark in and of itself. It's an odd feeling, not having to go back to school - something that I have been doing since I was 6 years old. It's become a way of life, and now i'll be transitioning full time into the workforce at the end of the month! Which leads me to my next point, after being offered a position at SHARP magazine, the publication that I interned at over the summer, I will be moving over to Toronto at the end of the month to start a new chapter in my life! Although it has brought about a tiny bit of anxiety (moving across the country, ay caramba!), I'm extremely excited and grateful to have this opportunity and be able to immerse myself in such a creative community. Other then that, it was my family's turn to host the Christmas party this year, so we had about five families stay at our house in Banff, Alberta over the holidays. In other words: chaos, great food, and great company! 

Hope Santa was good to you over the holidays, and that the new year has treated you well, thus far! 

Expect new posts to come shortly ;)